Acapela TTS V10 just in time for the holidays

December, 23 2020

Develop applications that do more with Acapela Speech Technology

Chant application-ready class libraries simplify using Acapela voices with Microsoft SAPI 5 SDK or now with the Acapela TTS V10 SDK.

The benefit of using the native Acapela TTS API when synthesizing is that it eliminates additional SAPI 5 processing and allows your applications to take full advantage of Acapela features not supported in SAPI. Your applications can also take advantage of Chant features not implemented in either SDK such as:

  • Synthesize text to speech with a simple request.
  • Generate Acapela TTS Tags for enhancing speech synthesis.
  • Edit word pronunciations for enhancing synthesis clarity.
  • Select and adjust synthesizer and audio options and property settings dynamically.
  • Integrate with almost any application type, architecture, programming language, and development environment used for Windows platforms.

Explore ways to do more with Acapela Speech Technology in Chant Knowledge Base article H122001.

Happy Holidays

We wish you a happy and safe holiday season.