Which Should You Choose: Command or Grammar?

November 20, 2022

Chant command and grammar vocabularies enable high-performance speech recognition

Fortunately, this is not a "Lady or the Tiger" situation. Choosing a command or grammar vocabulary may be determined by the recognition context complexity, runtime platform, speech recognizer capabilities, application structure, or simply by personal preference.

Command- and Grammar-based speech recognition is ideal for highly structured application context such as form data capture or domain-constrained response capture. Command vocabularies are created by code where Grammars are defined in text files. They can be written to yield the same recognition context. Either may have dynamic adjustments at runtime.

If the speech recognition context is complicated and broad, then a grammar may be easier to manage as a static file rather than as code for a command vocabulary. Grammar-based recognition may not be supported by the recognizer and platform such as Apple and Google speech recognizers.

The best way to choose is to try both to get a feel for your preferences. Look at the Chant command and grammar samples and see how they perform the same function and yield the same results. Review the summary of details in Knowledge Base article H072203.

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