Migration Strategies in a CI/CD World

November 2, 2022

Preventing legacy code from becoming a mountain of madness

William Meyer in his latest book, Delphi Legacy Projects: Strategies and Survival Guide offers approaches to refactoring and modernizing the code base without the need for complete redesign and rewrite.

Even though his examples are illustrated in object pascal (Delphi), his concepts are widely applicable across all programming languages and environments and reference universal concepts presented in several of Martin Fowler publications.

The takeaway from these author's efforts is that evolving code is an ongoing process and this is the ideal way to prevent it from becoming a legacy nightmare. The rule of thumb is: if you touch code, leave it in better shape than it was originally.

This is sage advice for dealing with the "how". What we find gets lost many times is dealing with the "what". For example, is the code even relevant to the business any longer?

Chant Services is expert and translating business requirements into technical requirements and reverse engineering business requirements from legacy implementations and assessing their value. Savings from evolving the requirements along with the code can be substantial.

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