Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

July 27, 2022

Tailor and configure Chant Developer Workbench for fast app development and testing

"I didn't know I could do that" was a common response from developers who started working with Chant Developer Workbench 2022.

Developing and testing grammars, lexicons, speech recognition, speech synthesis, voice markup (SSML), and VoiceXML is easier and faster with the new and updated options in Chant Developer Workbench 2022. The streamlined credentials and registration process simplifies things also.

Review how you can update your development and testing environment in Knowledge Base article H072226.

The best way to see for yourself is to download and try the latest edition. Let us know your thoughts, if you need assistance, or have questions. We can provide turnkey apps if you no longer want to build them yourself.