Apps Decide if Potty Mouth is OK

June 29, 2023

Apps can optionally censor recognized speech with profanity option

No politics here just options or more specifically properties that enable applications to hear it like it is. One of the property settings for Azure speech recognition is a profanity option. This enables apps to mask profane words with asterisks (default), remove them, or ignore and include them verbatim.

SpeechKit MCSRecognizer and MCSSynthesizer classes SetProperty method is for assigning property values for the speech recognizer and speech synthesizer. This uncomplicates things for the app developer since SpeechKit handles setting the correct underlying API object. See the sections entitled: Recognizing Speech for recognizer properties and Synthesizing Speech for synthesizer properties.

For more on cloud-based speech services, see Knowledge Base article H032309 for details about developing and testing apps that speak and listen with Azure Speech.

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