Emulate Speech Recognition and Put Grammars to the Test

May 31, 2023

Validate speech recognition grammars by testing with text instead of audio

Sounds crazy to test grammars with text instead of audio, but this is made possible by a Microsoft feature to emulate speech recognition with text.

Not only are you able to test speech recognition grammars to determine whether grammar rules match the intended combinations, you can test for the unexplained and unexpected. This way you know application behavior before end users experience it. Once you have a fully tested grammar, you should feel confident to deploy it with any speech recognition technology—an ideal development scenario.

Testing can be accomplished interactively in the Developer Workbench and programmatically with a simple SpeechKit or SpeechManager app.

See Knowledge Base article H032308 for details about testing speech recognition grammars with text instead of audio.

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