When Microsoft Worlds Collide: Windows App SDK

February 9, 2022

Develop modern Windows desktop applications that speak and listen with Chant

Microsoft's Windows App SDK provides a unified set of APIs and tools for developing apps to deploy on Windows 10 (1809+) and Windows 11 platforms.

Think of this SDK as an aggregate of Win32 APIs, WPF, Win8 runtimes, UWP, and WinRT plus a whole lot more in one place. Some things are the same and some things are superceded by others.

The good news is that Chant AudioSearch, GrammarKit, KinesicsKit, LexiconKit, ProfileKit, SpeechKit, SpeechManager, Talk&Listen, VoiceMarkupKit, and VoiceXMLKit support these apps like other development frameworks in the same way.

Review how to develop Windows Desktop applications that speak and listen in Chant Knowledge Base article H072124.

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