What to do when speech recognition is not working

February 10, 2021

Recognizer setup and selection may be required

If you ran the Audio Search, SpeechKit Dictation, and Talk&Listen samples, or selected Dictation Vocabularies on the Speech Recognizers tab in the Chant Developer Workbench IDEs (Desktop and UWP) and there was no recognition, it may be because it was not enabled.

Speech recognition is available on most platforms but it may need to be installed, enabled, and/or configured.

Review how to enable continuous speech recognition on Windows 10 in the Chant Knowledge Base article H022101.

In many cases, applications do not need to worry about speech recognizer selection. Chant samples illustrate enumerating and selecting speech recognizers in case the default recognizer based on the platform language is not the desired recognizer.

Review accessing and setting language details in the Chant Knowledge Base article H112001.