DSS35.BPI and VCLMID35.BPI errors compiling SayThis example

Last reviewed: 11/1/1999

PRB Article ID: P119901

The information in this article applies to:

  • SpeechKit 2.1 for C/C++


Compiling the samples under C++ Builder Standard or Professional edition results in link errors. The builds fail.


The C++ Builder samples fail because they were created using the Enterprise edition that includes default packages not found in Standard and Professional editions. The samples do not need these packages. They can be deleted from the project make file. If using C++ Builder 4, the missing files would include DSS40.BPI, INETDB40.BPI, INET40.BPI, and VCLMID40.BPI.


Sample make files have been edited to remove these unnecessary dependencies in SpeechKit 2.1.1.