Removing grammar list resource does not remove phrases from context in VoCon V3

Last reviewed: 11/7/2010

PRB Article ID: P111005

The information in this article applies to:

  • SpeechKit 6


Updating a dynamic grammar list of phrases by disabling the grammar, removing the list resource, creating a new list resource, adding new phrases, enabling the gramar, and enabling the new list does not remove the original phrases from context in VoCon V3.


Disabling the grammar automatically disables the list. However, the grammar name used when disabling the list was incorrect when referencing the context to remove the phrases.

The steps to change the list of values in a dynamic vocabulary are:

  1. // Disable the vocabulary
    ChantSR.DisableResource(CSRGrammarVocab, VocabID)
  2. // Remove list resource
    ChantSR.RemoveResource(CSRVocabList, ListID)
  3. // Define list resource
    ListID = ChantSR.DefineResource(CSRVocabList, "rulelistname", CRFNone, NULL, NULL, 0, VocabID)
  4. // Add phrases
    ChantSR.AddResource(CSRVocabPhrase, ListID, "Log Call")
    ChantSR.AddResource(CSRVocabPhrase, ListID, "Enter Time")
    ChantSR.AddResource(CSRVocabPhrase, ListID, "Schedule Meeting")
  5. // Enable the vocabulary
    ChantSR.EnableResource(CSRGrammarVocab, VocabID)
  6. // Enable the list
    ChantSR.EnableResource(CSRVocabList, ListID)


Fixed in SpeechKit build

Component Formats Impacted

All component formats.