Setting EngineType in VB does not persist

Last reviewed: 11/15/2001

PRB Article ID: P110104

The information in this article applies to:

  • SpeechKit 3


Setting the EngineType SAPI5SharedSRSession for the ChantSR component in the properties palette did not persist and was replaced with the default SAPI5SRSession when opening the project again.


The ChantSR and ChantTTS component Application Framework provides persistence for component formats that do not provide it (e.g., C-DLL, COM Server, Java, ActiveX run-time containers such as browsers). For ActiveX containers such as Visual Basic that do offer persistence, the component synchronizes property exchange with the container mechanism to set the component values. EngineType was set by the Application Framework as a default value causing the container value to be replaced.


Fixed in SpeechKit 3 SR3.

Component Formats Impacted