Sample fails with -2147220981 (8004020b)

Last reviewed: 10/12/1998

PRB Article ID: P109801

The information in this article applies to:

  • SpeechKit 2.0, 2.1


I am trying to run your sample: SayThis.vbp, but it will not run.

It stops at this line:oChantTTS.StartTextToSpeech "SayThis Sample", Form1.hWnd in the Form_Load event. The error code (Automation Error) -2147220981 (8004020b).

I have tried the other samples as well resulting in similar problems.


The system is looking for its text file. Please make a copy of chantenu.txt and rename it to chantxxx.txt where xxx is the language code for your system. You will find this text file in the SpeechKit installation directory.

If you do not know this code, there is a showcode.exe program in the installation directory. Please see the product documentation for information about using the components and sample applications on non-English systems.

If the engine (mode) you are using is not English, you will need to translate the text file. Please exercise caution when editing the file. There must be an entry for each line, otherwise results are unpredictable.


This behavior is by design. SpeechKit 2.1 install automatically generates the text file with the locale code for the system on which it is installing.