SetAudioFiles does not have 4 parameters in Delphi

Last reviewed: 9/1/1999

PRB Article ID: P099901

The information in this article applies to:

  • SpeechKit 2.1 for Delphi


    SetAudioFiles(myAudioFiles, mySilentAudioFile, m_hWnd);

compliles correctly however this function is documented:

    SetAudioFiles(myAudioFiles, 3, silenceAudioFile, windowHandle);

where 3 is the number of audio files. Note that the function that compiles correctly does not support the audio file count parameter.

There seems to be some inconsistency. In addition, the program throws an exception at the point of calling the function.


The documented example is incorrect. It was a carry over from the C/C++ documentation. The .pas files and the Interface reference documentation are correct.


Fixed in SpeechKit 2.1.1 documentation.