File not found error when compiling VCL application under Delphi 7

Last reviewed: 9/6/2002

PRB Article ID: P090203

The information in this article applies to:

  • SpeechKit 3


Compiling a Delphi 7 application with the SpeechKit VCL results in a file not found error:

[Fatal Error] File not found: 'c:\program files\borland\delphi7\Rave5\Lib\ChantTTS.pas'


The actual cause is unknown since the VCL does not reference this directory. VCL packages recreated and recompiled with latest version of Delphi 7 to eliminate the error message.


VCL packaged refreshed in SpeechKit 3 SR5 build installation.

Component Formats Impacted

Delphi 7 VCL only.