VB App crashes on TextToSpeech

Last reviewed: 8/7/1999

PRB Article ID: P089904

The information in this article applies to:

  • SpeechKit 2.1 and higher


When using an L&H TTS engine, my VB app crashes on TextToSpeech invocations. I have noticed that I had a "On error resume next statement" before the ChantTTS.TextToSpeech command. When I removed it, I noticed Visual Basic gives the error message "Out of stack space" when trying to speak. After you click on ok, it causes a page fault in KERNEL32. I guess if the error is ignored by the "On error resume next statement" this causes OLEAUT32.DLL to crash somehow.


It is possible with the L&H TTS engine modes that they return a null ttsMouth structures. This problem only occurs if you are using TextToSpeechVisual calllback.


Fixed in SpeechKit 2.1.1.