Default file location for Delphi 6 feature does not appear with licensed edition

Last reviewed: 7/22/2002

PRB Article ID: P070204

The information in this article applies to:

  • SpeechKit 3


When installing the licensed edition of SpeechKit 3, if you deselect Delphi3, Delphi4, and Delphi5 features, and select the Delphi 6 feature, the Next button does not advance the installation wizard.


The Next condition on the Custom setup dialog did not refer to the correct Delphi6 feature variable. If you select Delphi3, Delphi4, or Delphi5 in addition to the Delphi 6 feature, Delphi 6 will install.


Fixed in SpeechKit 3 SR5 installation.

Component Formats Impacted

None. SpeechKit 3 Licensed Edition installation only issue. No problem found with the SpeechKit 3 Evaluation Edition installation.