No audio retained under Vista

Last reviewed: 6/20/2008

PRB Article ID: P060801

The information in this article applies to:

  • SpeechKit 5


Using StartRecording to retain audio for recognized speech doesn't return any audio under Windows Vista.


Windows Vista UAC allows and disallows file I/O operations to locations on the basis of user access rights. To retain audio from recognized speech events or convert its format, including audio from speech synthesis, the SpeechKit classes may need to create temporary files. If your application was launched from a directory under Users, then it should work. However, if you launch your application from a Program Files subdirectory, then either your application or your User would need Administrative rights.


Fixed in SpeechKit 5 build (Win32 and WinCE). SpeechKit performs any temporary I/O it needs to the local application data area instead of the application's current working directory. However, for StartRecording and StartPlayback requests that create files, you need to ensure you pass an accessible file path and/or ensure your application or user has the access rights to create a file in that location.

Component Formats Impacted

All component formats.