SHGetFolderPath load error under Windows 98

Last reviewed: 6/12/2002

PRB Article ID: P060202

The information in this article applies to:

  • Chant Developer Workbench 2002


Initializing a Chant Developer Workbench program under Windows 98 displays message box with the message unable to load SHGetFolderPath. Program initialization fails.


SHGetFolderPath is statically linked to the programs however is not available on Windows 98. SHGetFolderPath is available and supported on later Windows versions (e.g., ME, NT, 2000, XP). These environments are not impacted.


Fixed in Chant Developer Workbench 2002 Build Backup existing profiles and lexicons with this edition to be able to deploy them on Windows 98 systems.

Products Impacted

GrammarKit, ProfileKit, LexiconKit, and VoiceMarkupKit on Windows 98 only.