TTS engine properties SpeedNorm and VolumeNorm for SAPI 4 inconsistent

Last reviewed: 5/12/2003

PRB Article ID: P050302

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Setting a SAPI 4 TTS engine speed and volume using the SpeedNorm and VolumeNorm properties results in inconsistent settings.


SAPI 4 specification allows for large range (DWORD) of values for the vendor to support scaling speed and volume of synthesis playback. The excessive range was addressed in the SAPI 5 specification with smaller ranges. The ChantTTS component provides a SpeedNorm and VolumeNorm property to be able to map SAPI 4 ranges to the SAPI 5 ranges so an application can use the normalized property and not have to check whether a TTS engine (i.e., voice) is SAPI 4 or SAPI 5.

SAPI 4 doesn't always set the value exactly as requested, however, the mapping mechanism has been updated to ensure the requested range is correct in all situations.


Fixed in SpeechKit 4 build

Component Formats Impacted

All formats.