Playback repeats when interrupting with same playback string

Last reviewed: 5/30/2001

PRB Article ID: P050107

The information in this article applies to:

  • SpeechKit 3


Mouse rollover events or tooltip display events can occur multiple times for the same area. There may not be a visual indication, but the display event can be fired multiple times for the same area. If a text-to-speech playback is used in these events and the PlaybackInterrupt option is used, the playback sounds like a stutter.


Playback occurs as designed. The fact the playback is the same is an issue regarding the rollover and tooltip display events.


Feature added in SpeechKit 3 SR1. RepeatsAllowed added to PlaybackStyles enumeration. The ChantTTS component now checks to see if the interrupting string is identical to the currently playing string. If the strings are the same, the playback request is ignored. This is the new default behavior. If duplicate playbacks on interrupts is desired, use RepeatsAllowed as a playback style.

Component Formats Impacted

All formats.