Java application not getting all the callback events

Last reviewed: 2/21/2008

PRB Article ID: P020802

The information in this article applies to:

  • GrammarKit 2
  • LexiconKit 2
  • ProfileKit 2
  • SpeechKit 5


Callback events may appear to be skipped or duplicated.


Newer java runtimes and multi-processor systems may enable for concurrent thread processing. Since the callback events are processed on independent threads, it is possible that an application may not be processing them serially.


The Chant Java event callback handler was updated to ensure serialized processing of callback events. GrammarKit.jar updated in GrammarKit 2 build LexiconKit.jar updated in LexiconKit 2 build ProfileKit.jar updated in ProfileKit 2 build SpeechKit.jar updated in SpeechKit 5 build (Win32).

Component Formats Impacted

All component formats.