Developing green screen applications with Kinect 1.6

Last reviewed: 11/29/2012

HOW Article ID: H121201

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  • KinectKit


Kinect 1.6 runtime introduces new features for capturing and converting Kinect sensor data that include a new coordinate mapping class and depth image pixel structure.

More Information

The new coordinate mapping class and depth image pixel structure simplify the process of creating a green screen application.

A green screen application is one where you render a foreground image against a fixed background image. You may be familiar with this technique when viewing the weather forecast.

KinectKit now includes a green screen sample that illustrates how to present your own weather forecast.

The green screen technique involves using the depth image coordinates to copy the color image pixels into a pixel array of the background image. The depth image coordinates act as a cookie cutter to access the player coordinates in the color image and overlay those onto the background image.

The CoordinateMapper MapDepthFrameToColorFrame method creates the cookie cutter by mapping the DepthImagePixel structures to color coordinate space. The player index is part of the DepthImagePixel structure so you no longer have to strip it from the DepthFrame data with the PlayerIndexBitmask.

The green screen sample application illustrates selecting three different background images and rendering the player image against the background.

Green screen applications are easier to implement with Kinect 1.6 features.

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