How do I create Flash executables?

Last reviewed: 12/12/2004

HOW Article ID: H120402

The information in this article applies to:

  • SpeechKit 4


Within Flash, you communicate with the Chant SpeechKit ActiveX components declared on a web page using the ActionScript fscommand function. The Javascript function that processes the fscommand in turn invokes the necessary SpeechKit component methods. You may formulate your own command strings to invoke component methods or use the shared library ActionScript functions provided with SpeechKit Developer Edition.

SpeechKit Developer Edition includes a shared library of ActiveScript functions that map to the SpeechKit component methods and handle the fscommand invocations automatically.

However the Flash Projector that enables you to create .exe of your Flash .swf doesn't allow you to include the javascript needed to interface with the ActiveX component.

ScreenTime Media mProjector enables you to create .exe from your .swf. It also enables ActionScript to communicate with COM objects synchronously. This enables you to use the SpeechKit ActiveX components directly from your Flash ActionScript within a .exe.

More Information

See the new Flash samples in the SpeechKit 4 Developer Edition ActiveX directory.