Determining which grammar syntax to use

Last reviewed: 11/1/2011

HOW Article ID: H111101

The information in this article applies to:

  • GrammarKit 4
  • SpeechKit 7


It used to be that your grammar syntax was dictated by the recognizer selected for the application. With the recent publications from standards bodies, more options have become available.

More Information

In VoCon V4, Nuance introduced support for the W3C ABNF standard and Java Speech Grammar Format (JSGF) in addition to the updated L&H BNF V2.0 syntax.

In SAPI 5.3 (Vista), Microsoft introduced support for W3C XML standard in addition to SAPI XML syntax.

GrammarKit 4 offers a way to dynamically generate and compile grammars using grammar-neutral and grammar-specific objects. In many cases, generating a grammar and compiling on the fly is faster and more efficient than setting word lists at runtime. You can compare and contrast grammar compiler and recognition performance using the Chant Developer Workbench development and testing environment.

For a fast orientation of available grammar syntax, review the Grammar Syntax Quick Reference section in the GrammarKit 4 help file.

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