Processing audio with KinectKit

Last reviewed: 10/4/2012

HOW Article ID: H101207

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  • KinectKit


The Kinect sensor includes a four-element linear microphone array that provides local signal processing including acoustic echo cancellation and noise suppression.

This enables applications to capture high-quality audio, detect the source direction, and use with speech recognition.

More Information

The KinectKit movement management component is designed to provide you a lot of flexiblity and minimize the programming necessary to manage audio data from a Microsoft Kinect sensor.

To start capturing audio and optionally persist to a file, simply use the StartRecording method to start the audio stream. For example:

string path = Directory.GetCurrentDirectory();
// Append path terminator
path += "\\";
// Start audio source and persist to a file. Have KinectKit generate a unique file name.
NChantKM1.StartRecording(0, path, ChantRecordingResult.CRRFile, ChantAudioFormat.CAFDefault, ChantKinectStream.CKSAudio, "");

To stop capturing audio data, simply use the StopRecording method to stop the audio stream. For example:


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