Developing Delphi Prism .NET applications that manage markup

Last reviewed: 10/1/2009

HOW Article ID: H100905

The information in this article applies to:

  • VoiceMarkupKit 3


If you love the features of .NET class libraries and love Delphi, then Delphi Prism is for you.

In VoiceMarkupKit 3, new Delphi Prism .NET samples have been added to illustrate managing markup with Delphi Prism.

More Information

The Chant VoiceMarkupKit 3 Win32 Developer Edition includes v1.1, v2, and v3 compiled VoiceMarkupKit class libraries. The Chant VoiceMarkupKit 3 WinCE Developer Edition includes cf2 compiled VoiceMarkupKit class libraries.

Within a Delphi Prism project, add the Chant.VoiceMarkupKit class library to your project with the following steps:

  1. highlight the References folder;
  2. press the right mouse button and select the Add Reference menu item;
  3. browse to the applicable version of the component libraries Chant.VoiceMarkupKit.DLL and Chant.Shared.DLL found in C:\Program Files\Chant\VoiceMarkupKit 3\Win32 Developer\NETv1.1\bin, C:\Program Files\Chant\VoiceMarkupKit 3\Win32 Developer\NETv2\bin or C:\Program Files\Chant\VoiceMarkupKit 3\Win32 Developer\NETv3\bin; and
  4. click OK to add the reference to your project.

Add Chant.VoiceMarkupKit and Chant.Shared to the Uses statement in your application to reference the VoiceMarkupKit classes and members within your code.

You declare the NChantVM object as follows:

// Declare global type variable for your class object as part of your Form or Window declaration
NChantVM1: NChantVM;

// Declare public procedure for your event handler
method NChantVM1_HasEvent(sender: System.Object; e: HasEventArgs);

You instantiate your class objects and add and event handers for the objects as follows:

// In your Form or Window constructor, instantiate your class object      
NChantVM1 :=  new NChantVM(self);

// Add reference to your event handler
NChantVM1.HasEvent += new NChantVM.HasEventHandler(NChantVM1_HasEvent);

Delphi Prism sample projects are installed at [My] Documents\Chant VoiceMarkupKit 3\NETv2\VS2008\Delphi and [My] Documents\Chant VoiceMarkupKit 3\NETv3\VS2008\Delphi.