Keep the Chant icons from appearing in the System menu

Last reviewed: 3/1/2001

HOW Article ID: H099902

The information in this article applies to:

  • SpeechKit 2.1 only. Feature deprecated in SpeechKit 3


I have noticed the little Chant icon appear in my program window while speaking. Sometimes the icon goes away, and other times it stays. Is there some way to insure this gets cleared?

The visual cue is an optional facility. If there is a file chanttts.ico in the same directory as the Chant component dll (chantpa.dll), then the icon is displayed when the synthesis audio is processing. The icon is swapped back to the icon that was there before the synthesis occurred. You can make the icon anything you want or remove it so it does not appear.

More Information

If the application does not set an icon as the app icon (something you can do from within VB), then the previous icon is null, and the tts icon appears stuck on after the first time because the previous icon is null and Windows does not reset it. Sometimes Win32 does not reset properly (a bug in win32). If you have overlapping TTS back to back, it is possible that the previous icon is the TTS icon.

With speech recognition, the chantsr.ico file is diplayed for the life of the session (from StartRecognition to StopRecognition).