Changing the text-to-speech voice

Last reviewed: 9/2/1998

HOW Article ID: H099801

The information in this article applies to:

  • SpeechKit 2.0 and 2.1


When I use the samples, such as the SayThis example for the first time, I get prompted to select ac voice. Subsequently, I am not prompted. How can I change the voice?

The first time you run a SpeechKit sample, you are prompted to select the recognition and/or text-to-speech engine mode. This happens because there is no information in the system registry for the Chant component to use to establish the session. The Chant component forces selection using the default engine selection dialog(s).

You can invoke the dialogs from your application with the SelectEngine, SelectSREngine, or SelectTTSEngine, depending on your development environment. When selecting an engine, you must not have an active session.

More Information

Chant components provide you dialogs and functions to use to manage engine enumeration and selection from within your application. You can modify dialog text by editing the chant text file chantxxx.txt where xxx is the locale id for your system.

Refer to the SpeechKit documentation for more information about SelectEngine, GetEngines, GetEngineSelection, and SetEngineSelection.