Develop Mobile applications for Windows Mobile 6

Last reviewed: 9/10/2008

HOW Article ID: H090820

The information in this article applies to:

  • SpeechKit 6


Windows Mobile 6 offers new packaging options and facilities for developing mobile, telephony, and enterprise applications.

With SpeechKit 6, libraries and Windows Mobile 6 samples are included for accelerating your mobile application development.

More Information

Microsoft repackaged Windows Mobile and Embedded platform development into Classic, Standard, and Professional packages. Classic includes the traditional Pocket PC capabilities and applications. Standard includes the Smartphone features and capabilities. Professional includes both Classic and Standard capabilities in one platform.

SpeechKit component libraries are packaged to accelerate application development for all three Windows Mobile 6 environments.

In addition, with SpeechKit 6, the WinCE Developer Edition no longer requires SpeechKit Win32 Developer Edition as a prerequisite license and SpeechKit 6 WinCE Developer Edition is included with the Chant Developer Workbench license bundle.

Get started with SpeechKit 6 for your Mobile applications:

  • Download SpeechKit 6 WinCE Developer Edition.
  • Install SpeechKit 6 WinCE Developer Edition on your desktop system to which your device is attached.
  • Run the setupwcearm4.exe to install the utility to unlock your component libraries on the device.
  • Run the setupspkwcearm4.exe to copy and register the .NET and ActiveX component libraries on your device.
  • Run the Program Files\Chant\chantsv.exe utility to unlock your component libraries and display your evaluation period.
  • Compile and run the samples provided for your development IDE.
  • Refer to the SpeechKit 6 documentation for detailed information about configuration and programming with the component libraries.