Developing WPF applications that speak and listen

Last reviewed: 9/10/2008

HOW Article ID: H090802

The information in this article applies to:

  • SpeechKit 6


SpeechKit 6 Win32 Edition includes .NET framework class libraries compiled with Microsoft .NET version 1.1, version 2, and version 3.

The Version 3 library is new in the SpeechKit 6. In this library, 2 enhancements for Windows Presentation Foundation applications include support for the WPF Window class and support for voice activating WPF UI components.

More Information

The SpeechKit ChantAudio, ChantSR and ChantTTS components now provide class instantiation with a WPF Window. This enables callback events to execute in the context of the application window and to access properties and methods during callback processing.

To define voice commands for WPF Window and UI components, the ChantSR component now parses WPF Window and WPF UI component objects in addition to Form and Form UI component objects.

New .NET framework version 3 samples can be found in [My] Documents\Chant SpeechKit 6\NETv3\VS2008

Chant Speech Recognition WPF Sample

Chant Speech Synthesis WPF Sample

See the help file sections entitled: .NET - Microsoft Visual C# and .NET - Microsoft Visual Basic under Configuring Your Development Environment\IDE Configuration\.NET Framework Component Library for steps to configure your applications to use the SpeechKit .NET component libraries.