Enumerating and selecting engines

Last reviewed: 8/4/1999

HOW Article ID: H089903

The information in this article applies to:

  • SpeechKit 2.1


When I first started up a Chant application, I was prompted to select a speech engine. I was shown a dialog box of various choices like Microsoft Command and Control, Microsoft Continuous Speech, etc. These are speech recognition engine modes.

Later when I try to pull up this list again using the GetEngines function, I get choices of voices like Mary, Mike, or Brutus. If you issue GetEngines from a ChantTTS object you will get the TTS engines modes listed. If you issue GetEngines from a ChantSR object you will get the ones mentioned above.

Is there a way to get back to this first dialog box to change the type of engine I am currently using?

Yes you can use the SelectEngine dialogs anywhere in your application. Most developers have an options or setup dialog where they place a button to invoke the engine selection dialog.

More Information

In VB, you can call oChantSR.SelectEngines (where oChantSR is a ChantSR object) to pop a dialog to see the speech recognition engines. You can call oChanTTS.SelectEngines (where oChantTTS is the ChantTTS object) to pop up a dialog to see the TTS engines.

Or if you want an Array of the engines you can use GetEngines and populate your own dialog. If you want to set the engine selection, you use SetEngineSelection.

When selecting engines, you must not have an active session.