Using a sleep vocabulary

Last reviewed: 8/1/2001

HOW Article ID: H080103

The information in this article applies to:

  • SpeechKit 3 and higher


SpeechKit 3 offers you a way to temporarily suspend recognition execpt for specific "wake up" words. A vocabulary is designated as sleep vocabulary using the EnableSleepVocabulary method. A sleep vocabulary can be command or grammar vocabulary type for SAPI4 and SMAPI recognizers, but must be a command vocabulary for SAPI5 recognizers.

More Information

Add each vocabulary with AddVocabulary. Enable vocabularies that you want active when in awake state with EnableVocabulary. Enabled the vocabulary you designate as your sleep vocabulary with EnableSpeechVocbulary. Set your AwakeState property to false to place recognition in sleep mode. The ChanSR component will automatically disable active vocabularies and enable the sleep vocabulary. When any phrase is recognized from the sleep vocabulary, then the ChantSR component disables the sleep vocabulary and enables any vocabularies that were temporarily disabled. To set your application in sleep mode again, set the AwakeState property to false.