How do I do deploy applications on Windows 64-bit platforms?

Last reviewed: 7/26/2010

HOW Article ID: H071001

The information in this article applies to:

  • GrammarKit 3
  • LexiconKit 3
  • ProfileKit 3
  • SpeechKit 6
  • VoiceMarkupKit 3
  • Chant Developer Workbench 2008


Chant Win32 component libraries enable applications compiled as X86 platform executable to run in 32-bit mode on Windows 64-bit platforms. To compile and run applications as X64 platform executables, you need Win64 component libraries.

More Information

Now developers have the ability to quickly and easily add speech recognition and speech synthesis (text-to-speech) capabilities to 64-bit applications. New 64-bit editions of Chant Developer Workbench, GrammarKit, LexiconKit, ProfileKit, SpeechKit, and VoiceMarkupKit provide common application interface for Acapela, Cepstral, Microsoft, and Nuance 64-bit speech technologies.

New key features and capabilities provided by Chant 64-bit editions include:

  • Speech API support for Acapela BabTTS, Cepstral SWIFT, Microsoft SAPI 5.3+, and Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking (DNS dictation only).
  • Common .NET class libraries for applications deployed as CPU ANY, X64, or X86.
  • Sun Java 1.6 component libraries for 64-bit java runtime.
  • C++ Classes for supporting 64-bit C++ application development.
  • ActiveX component libraries for 64-bit COM development.
  • Web script safe component libraries for IE 64-bit (SpeechKit only).
  • 64-bit Chant Developer Workbench development and testing environment supports Win64 Developer and Deployment Edition libraries

Win64 Developer Edition License

Win64 Developer Edition includes ActiveX, CDLL, Java, and .NET Framework component library formats to support all your programming languages and provides sample projects for popular IDEs.

Win64 Deployment Edition License

Win64 Deployment Editions are licensed separately in ActiveX, C-DLL, Java, and .NET Framework component library formats.

Chant Developer Workbench License

Win64 Editions are included in Chant Developer Workbench license. Developers with current CDW license may download and unlock 64-bit editions with their current serial numbers.