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Last reviewed: 6/1/2014

Article ID: H061408

HOW: Persisting movement data from Kinect for Windows

The information in this article applies to:

  • KinesicsKit 2


Record and playback movement data from Kinect for Windows.

More Information

To perist the image data capture for editing and analytics, simply use the StartRecording method to turn on the sensor cameras and persist the data. To stop capturing data, simply use the StopRecording method to turn off the sensor cameras.

Specify a SQL CE database or SQL Server login string for peristing index of movement data.

// Turn the sensor on, capture, and persist data
// Option 1. Use SQL Compact Edition
NChantKM1.StartRecording(0, "mysensordata.sdf");
// Option 2. Connect to SQL Server
NChantKM1.StartRecording(0, "Server=.\\SQLExpress;Database=mysensordata;Integrated Security=SSPI");

// Turn the sensor off