Manipulating combobox and listbox controls with speech

Last reviewed: 6/11/2001

HOW Article ID: H060102

The information in this article applies to:

  • SpeechKit 3


SpeechKit 3 AddControl can be used to select text from combo and list box controls. With AddControl, when the designated lable for the control is spoken, the control receives focus and the vocabulary associated with the control is activated. SpeechKit 3 has built in commands to Drop Down, Select, Select Previous and Next, Scroll Up and Down, Scroll Left and Right and Page up and Down that you can speak to manipulate the control by speaking rather than using a mouse.

The commands must be part of any active vocabulary.

More Information

SpeechKit 3 SR1 ehhances this capability by automatically dropping down combo boxes when receiving focus. In addition, if list string values are part of an active vocabulary, the values can be selected automatically by speaking the string.