Designing and editing SRGS and SSML for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps

Last reviewed: 5/1/2020

Article ID: H052007

The information in this article applies to:

  • GrammarKit 6
  • VoiceMarkupKit 6


Updated XML validation in UWP enables GrammarKit and VoiceMarkupKit editors to provide syntax validation and editing services equivalent to x86 and x64 Editions.

More Information

Chant Developer Workbench 2020 UWP Edition provides rich editing surfaces for W3C SRGS and W3C SSML documents utilizing the enhanced XML validation support in UWP.

Grammar Editing
Grammar Editing: Edit W3C speech recognition grammars faster with built-in intelliprompt that suggests valid grammar syntax.
SSML Editing
SSML Editing: Edit W3C Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) faster with built-in intelliprompt that suggest valid markup syntax.