Evaluating SpeechKit 3 for use on web pages

Last reviewed: 4/17/2002

HOW Article ID: H050102

The information in this article applies to:

  • SpeechKit 3


SpeechKit 3 offers you a way to develop web pages that speak and listen. You define the ChantSR and/or ChantTTS objects as part of the HTML using Object tags. You will find web samples that illustrate the required syntax. The SpeechKit Developers Guide defines additional HTML syntax in the section for deploying applications. Note that the classids are different when accessing your web page on-line. For licensed editions of SpeechKit, you register your domain name and place your web domain serial number in a PARAM tag on your web page and include the codebase= parameter pointing to the SpeechKit 3 component CAB file. The client browser will automatically cache the component(s) when the web page is loaded. However, the client system will need the applicable speech technology installed.

More Information

When evaluating SpeechKit 3, you do not have a web domain serial number. To deploy test web pages, you use the offline classid and Object tag syntax like the web samples. You do not use the codebase parameter. The client system where the browser is running must have the SpeechKit 3 Evaluation edition installed.