Managing pronunciations using dictionaries for Nuance VoCon speech recognition

Last reviewed: 2/1/2017

HOW Article ID: H021702

The information in this article applies to:

  • Chant Developer Workbench 2016
  • GrammarKit 5
  • LexiconKit 5
  • SpeechKit 8


VoCon supports dictionaries as a way to aggregate pronunciations as an alternative to declaring them in grammars.

More Information

VoCon dictionaries are comprised of the words and corresponding pronunciation phonemes. Dictionaries are compiled into binary format for efficient transcription access during the grammar compilation process.

LexiconKit provides an L&H dictionary editor and phoneme generation dialog in the Chant Developer Workbench for managing VoCon pronunciations.

Editing dictionaries

Edit the dictionary Header section information. Type the word in the data section followed by space and two forward slashes. LexiconKit will automatically generate the default pronunciation. Select Edit Phonemes from the Speech Menu to display the Edit Phonemes toolbar for editing the pronunciation.

The LexiconKit editor also provides an Export feature to compile the source dictionary (.dct) to the binary format (.dcb) for grammar compilation.

Exporting a dictionarry to binary format

GrammarKit and SpeechKit support setting binary dictionary files for grammar compilation with the CSPLexicon string property.

NChantSR1.SetStringProperty(ChantStringProperty.CSPLexicon, "C:\\Nuance\\VoCon Hybrid\\Lexicons\\mydictionary.dcb");

pChantSR->SetStringProperty(CSPLexicon, L"C:\\Nuance\\VoCon Hybrid\\Lexicons\\mydictionary.dcb");

pChantSR->SetStringProperty(CSPLexicon, "C:\\Nuance\\VoCon Hybrid\\Lexicons\\mydictionary.dcb");

ChantSR1.SetStringProperty(CSPLexicon, 'C:\\Nuance\\VoCon Hybrid\\Lexicons\\mydictionary.dcb');

JChantSR1.setStringProperty(ChantStringProperty.CSPLexicon, "C:\\Nuance\\VoCon Hybrid\\Lexicons\\mydictionary.dcb");

NChantSR1.SetStringProperty(ChantStringProperty.CSPLexicon, "C:\\Nuance\\VoCon Hybrid\\Lexicons\\mydictionary.dcb")

The GrammarKit editor in the Chant Developer Workbench supports setting binary dictionary files for interactive grammar compilation and testing.

Grammar testing with dictionaries

Select the Add Lexicon menu item or toolbar button to select the path of the binary dictionary. To remove a dictionary, select the dictionary from the dropdown list and select Delete Lexicon menu item or toolbar button.