Developing web pages that speak and listen

Last reviewed: 2/25/2005

HOW Article ID: H020501

The information in this article applies to:

  • SpeechKit 4


The SpeechKit 4 Developer Edition web page samples originally used the class identifiers for the ActiveX component library.

Though the ActiveX object methods and events are the same as the Web version, the ActiveX component library is not script safe like the Web Deployment Edition.

More Information

SpeechKit 4 Developer Edition now includes a developer edition version of the Web component library that is a script safe object for testing web pages locally before deployment. The samples have been updated to use these new class identifiers.

Beginning with build, SpeechKit 4 Developer Edition Web directory includes the Web Developer Edition component library and updated samples that use this library.

This enables web developers to add object declarations to their web pages and not have to modify these declarations before deploying to licensed domains.

In addition, licensed users of the SpeechKit 4 Web Deployment edition can now download and deploy the SpeechKit 4 Web Deployment Edition .cab file on their licensed domains.