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Last reviewed: 2/28/2011

Article ID: F110803

FAQ: Chant Developer Workbench Release Notes

Knowledge Base reports addressed in this release:


F070801 FAQ: What's new in Chant Developer Workbench 2008? »
F110805 FAQ: What Developer Edition versions are supported? »
F110806 FAQ: How do I license Developer and Deployment Editions? »


H030903 HOW: Configuring for specific Developer Editions »
H100902 HOW: Generating and Editing L&H Native Control Sequence markup language »
H120902 HOW: Generating, editing, and compiling Nuance Vocalizer and Vocon user dictionaries »
H120909 HOW: Speaking phonemes when editing pronunciations »
H120912 HOW: Setting DDG2P and CLC Models for VoCon 3200 V3 »
H120914 HOW: Setting the installation directory for Vocalizer runtimes »
H041001 HOW: Developing Visual Studio 2010 applications that speak and listen »
H071001 HOW: Deploying applications on Windows 64-bit platforms »


P110802 PRB: Installer not detecting Developer Editions »
P110803 PRB: All nodes are outlined »
P120801 PRB: Exception dialog when using console »
P120802 PRB: Index out of range message in output window »
P120806 PRB: API Error message on successful SAPI 5 grammar compiles »
P120807 PRB: API Error Function property contains invalid value »
P020901 PRB: Methods missing from console window intelliprompt »
P020902 PRB: Start page shortcuts do not open in new tabbed window »
P080909 PRB: No method selected in Console intelliprompt when first key lower case »
P051001 PRB: Chant Developer Workbench fails to initialize on Windows 7 64 bit »
P051003 PRB: Compiling L&H BNF grammar in Developer Workbench grammar editor fails after recognizing first time »
P051004 PRB: Playback fails for Vocalizer voice in Developer Workbench markup editor »
P051005 PRB: Pronunciation markup fails for Vocalizer voice in Developer Workbench markup editor »
P071003 PRB: SAPI 5 Lexicon export does not import »
P071007 PRB: Unable to save files in folders outside of My Documents »
P111004 PRB: Opening or compiling VoCon V3 BNF grammar can generate an exception »

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