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Last reviewed: 2/28/2011

Article ID: F110802

FAQ: SpeechKit Release Notes

Knowledge Base reports addressed in this release:


F090801 FAQ: What's new in SpeechKit 6? »
F110804 FAQ: What Java versions are supported? »
F080902 FAQ: What is the impact of the Microsoft Active Template Library Security Update? »


H110808 HOW: Develop Delphi Prism applications that speak and listen »
H110809 HOW: Develop JBuilder 2008 applications that speak and listen »
H110810 HOW: Retain audio events »
H110811 HOW: Installing and configuring mobile devices »
H030901 HOW: Tuning VoCon with engine parameters »
H030902 HOW: Retaining callback events for speech recognition and synthesis »
H120909 HOW: Speaking phonemes when editing pronunciations »
H120910 HOW: Hiding the Dragon result box »
H120911 HOW: Determining the microphone state »
H120912 HOW: Setting DDG2P and CLC Models for VoCon 3200 V3 »
H120913 HOW: Using Command Vocabularies with VoCon 3200 V3 »
H120914 HOW: Setting the installation directory for Vocalizer runtimes »
H041001 HOW: Developing Visual Studio 2010 applications that speak and listen »
H071001 HOW: Deploying applications on Windows 64-bit platforms »
H121001 HOW: Deploying Web applications on Windows CE platforms »


P110801 PRB: TTS playback does not resume after pause »
P120803 PRB: ViaVoice not automatically initializing »
P120804 PRB: Native Cepstral voice crashes on non-default audio format requests »
P120805 PRB: ChantAudio CCSAudioStart, CCSAudioStop, CCSAudioFilePosn events not firing »
P020903 PRB: SAPI dynamic grammar still enabled after disabling »
P020904 PRB: Vocon recognition fails after first result on Windows Mobile »
P020905 PRB: Vocon crashes after enabling second grammar vocabulary »
P020906 PRB: Acapela crashes when enumerating voices »
P030901 PRB: Events not firing for CPRBuffer requests with Acapela voices »
P030902 PRB: Acapela voices not enumerating when running with unbundled license »
P030903 PRB: AudioStop not firing on StopPlayback »
P040901 PRB: Enabling VoCon grammar on callback thread causes crash »
P080901 PRB: Method invocation on Java callback event could cause out of order request handling »
P080902 PRB: Wildcard terminal <...> not working in VoCon BNF grammar »
P080903 PRB: CNPVolumeNorm and CNPSpeedNorm not working for all voices »
P080904 PRB: GetResourceCount for CSRSpeaker appends duplicates each time »
P080905 PRB: Setting CNPDeviceID not working for SAPI recognizers and synthesizers »
P080906 PRB: Delay in TTS audio playback for Vocalizer voices »
P080907 PRB: Propname and propid values not returned in recognition result »
P100901 PRB: Component initialization fails »
P120903 PRB: ChantWord AudioSizeTime always 0 »
P120904 PRB: Dragon grammar recognition not firing CCSRHasPhrase events »
P120905 PRB: No recognition after switching to Dragon in Recognition sample »
P120906 PRB: No audible audio on .wma playback »
P041001 PRB: CCSRHasPhrase and CCSRHasCommand events not firing in VoCon V3.3 »
P041002 PRB: Dragon 64 bit edition initialization fails with invalid audio device error »
P041003 PRB: What Can I Say dialog flashes at application initialization »
P051002 PRB: ChantEngineAPI enumeration constants missing from documentation »
P051003 PRB: Compiling L&H BNF grammar in Developer Workbench grammar editor fails after recognizing first time »
P051004 PRB: Playback fails for Vocalizer voice in Developer Workbench markup editor »
P051006 PRB: StopPlayback, CSPInterrupt, and CSPInterject with Vocalizer Automotive voice cause audio device interrupt »
P071002 PRB: CorrectWords not accepting alternate words as a correction for SAPI 5 recognition result »
P071004 PRB: No recognition alternates returned for VoCon 3200 »
P071005 PRB: First alternate word the same as result word »
P071008 PRB: What Can I Say dialog empty »
P071009 PRB: No audio devices enumerating with ChantAudio class »
P081001 PRB: Events stop firing after .NET CF 3.5 application window loses focus on Windows Mobile »
P081002 PRB: Recognition quality decreases with multiple grammars enabled for VoCon 3200 »
P081003 PRB: No alternates returned on Dragon recognition results »
P111001 PRB: HasCommandHypothesis event generates exception in Delphi »
P111002 PRB: Compiling VoCon V3 BNF grammar generates exception »
P111003 PRB: VoCon V3 constants CSPDDG2PModel and CSPCLCModel missing in VCL »
P111004 PRB: Opening or compiling VoCon V3 BNF grammar can generate an exception »
P111005 PRB: Removing grammar list resource does not remove phrases from context in VoCon V3 »
P111006 PRB: Synchronous playbacks hang with Vocalizer voices »
P111007 PRB: Queued synthesis requests to generate wave files fail with Vocalizer voices »
P111008 PRB: Unable to swap between Acapela V8 and Acapela V6 in the same application »
P111009 PRB: Removing microphone headset while recognizing causes VoCon application crash »
P011101 PRB: Audio clipping on short wave file playback »
P011102 PRB: Word identifiers always zero for L&H BNF grammars »
P011103 PRB: Unable to restart VoCon V2 Recognition after audio overflow condition »
P011104 PRB: Invalid ChantWord DisplayText and LexicalText values for quoted strings in VoCon BNF grammars »
P021101 PRB: DisableRule deactivates the whole grammar rather than just the rule »

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