Developer Workbench Release Notes

Last reviewed: 11/11/2022

FAQ Article ID: F072202

Knowledge Base reports addressed in this release:


F072201 What's new in Chant Developer Workbench 2022? ›


H072201 Developing applications with Visual Studio, RAD Studio, Android Studio, JDK (Eclipse, NetBeans, et. al.), and Xcode ›
H072202 Managing speech recognition directly with the recognizer ›
H072203 Managing listening context with speech recognition vocabularies ›
H072204 Managing speech synthesis directly with the synthesizer ›
H072205 Designing and testing speech recognition apps ›
H072206 Designing and testing speech synthesis apps ›
H072208 Developing applications with version-specific API support ›
H072209 Developing applications that do more with Acapela Speech Technology ›
H072210 Developing applications that do more with Cepstral Speech Technology ›
H072211 Developing applications that do more with CereProc Speech Technology ›
H072212 Developing applications that do more with Microsoft Speech and Natural User Interface (NUI) Technology ›
H072213 Developing applications that do more with Microsoft WindowsMedia Speech Technology ›
H072214 Voice enabling Android apps ›
H072215 Voice enabling iOS and macOS apps ›
H072216 Searching audio for specific words, phrases, and subphrases ›
H072217 Interacting with users for hands-free operation ›
H072218 Listening and speaking in different languages ›
H072219 Voice enabling C++Builder Android and iOS apps ›
H072220 Voice enabling Delphi Android and iOS apps ›
H072221 Fine-tuning speech recognition and synthesis with phonemes ›
H072222 Managing queued speech processing requests ›
H072223 Using properties and markup to control speech ›
H072224 Developing Windows Desktop applications that do more with Speech Technology ›
H072225 Naturalizing Text-To-Speech with Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) ›
H072226 Tailoring and Configuring Chant Developer Workbench for Fast App Development and Testing
H072227 Administering Speaker Profiles for more Accurate Speech Recognition
H072228 Setting the Speaker Profile for Administration and Speech Recognition


P072201 SaveAs blocked by user access rights check in Developer Workbench ›
P072202 Credentials not honored consistently in Developer Workbench ›
P092201 No dictation results occur after WindowMedia application loses focus ›
P102201 Disabled command vocabulary remains active in listening context ›
P102202 Unable to add a command to command vocabulary without properties ›
P102203 Reset Window Layout and docking may fail to persist layout correctly ›
P112201 No WindowsMedia commmand and grammar recognition results on Java ›

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