Developer Workbench Release Notes

Last reviewed: 1/4/2016

FAQ Article ID: F071503

Knowledge Base reports addressed in this release:


F071501 What's new in Chant Developer Workbench 2015? ›


H061402 Developing applications that speak with Acapela Telecom Server and Mobile ›
H071501 Developing applications that speak with Cepstral Telephony 6 ›
H061403 Developing applications that speak with CereProc CereVoice ›
H061401 Developing applications that speak with Nuance Vocalizer Expressive ›
H061404 Developing batch applications that process speech ›
H061405 Developing applications that speak with multiple voices ›
H061406 Using command IDs with speech recognition ›
H061410 Using class library documentation in IDE Intellisense ›
H071502 Using collection classes to enumerate speech objects ›
H071503 Tracking movement with Kinect for Xbox One sensors ›
H071504 Developing applications that speak, listen, and interact with CDW 2015 ›
H071505 Switching UI Languages in the Chant Developer Workbench IDE ›
H071506 Voice enabling apps with CDW 2015 in popular IDEs ›
H071507 Exploring Chant Developer Workbench 2015 features ›


P081501 Dragon NaturallySpeaking not enumerating in Chant Developer Workbench speech recognizer browser ›
P081502 EnableRule and DisableRule methods missing ›
P081503 Setting runtime property CNPRetainAudio does not return audio bytes on speech recognition events ›
P101501 Custom speaker training not working ›
P101502 ProfileKit Visual Basic Training sample uses incorrect line feed characters ›
P111501 Duplicate speaker profile names ›
P111502 Unable to set topic for training and transcription ›
P111503 Voice enumeration fails on system without SAPI intalled ›
P111504 StartPlayback does not use the default voice in Java app ›
P111505 Java collection object cast as Object class ›
P111506 Synthesizing to audio file with Nuance Network voice fails ›
P121501 Resume queued audio playback ignored ›
P121502 Opening speech synthesizers browser crashes Developer Workbench ›

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