What's new in GrammarKit 2?

Last reviewed: 7/7/2007

FAQ Article ID: F070702

Design Grammars for Optimal Context-free Recognition

1. Optimize your grammars

Design, fine-tune, and test grammars before integrating them in your application.

2. Precompile grammars for distributing binary with your applications

Avoid possible application surprises with damaged or modifed source grammar files with deployed applications by distributing precompiled grammar binary with your applications.

3. Integrate grammar compilation as part of your application

For site or user specific recognition requirements, compile grammars as part of your application installation or customization.

4. Support multiple recognizer formats in your application

Expand your application flexiblity by support multiple recognizer grammar formats: IBM SRCL, Microsoft SAPI 4 Grammar Text File, Microsoft SAPI 5 XML, and Nuance BNF+ (VoCon 3200).

5. Generate phonemes for enhancing recognition quality

Generate phonemes for grammar syntax that support pronunciation declarations.