SpeechKit Release Notes

Last reviewed: 9/17/2008

FAQ Article ID: F020802

Knowledge Base reports addressed in this release:


F020801 Do the Chant component libraries support Visual Studio 2008? »


H030801 Implementing console applications that speak and listen »
H040801 Recording audio with console applications »
H080801 Unlocking licensed voices to use with Developer Workbench »


P020801 Selecting an Acapela voice via SAPI 5 causes exception »
P020802 Java application not getting all the callback events »
P020803 CCTTSDone event not fired at end of synthesis processing for SAPI 5 voice »
P020804 CCTTSPhoneme event not fired when synthesizing to a wave file via native RealSpeak Solo API »
P020805 Events stop firing on long synthesis requests saved to file »
P030801 Setting CSPEnginePath for DLL-based speech engines does not initialize API »
P030802 ChantAudio StopRecording hangs application »
P040801 WinCE StartPlayback for audio file playback fails »
P040802 Unable to transcribe audio files with VoCon 3200 »
P050801 USB device detection causes crash under Vista »
P060801 No audio retained under Vista »
P080801 SAPI 4 Acapela voice stops speaking after changing voices »
P080802 Unable to select SAPI 5 Acapela voice »
P080803 StartPlayback and StartRecording fail sometimes in Java »
P090801 ChantTTSEvent File property not set on CCDAudioStop for SAPI 5 »
P090802 JChantAudioMixer getChantAudioMixerLine signature has two parameters »
P090803 ChantAudio methods fail in ActiveX library with E_NOINTERFACE »
P090804 No SAPI recognition from audio device plugged into line in »