Chant Turbo-charges Data Entry with Speech Grammars

New component library simplifies speech recognition grammar management

Los Angeles, California, October 22, 2007—Chant Inc., the leading independent software vendor of speech technology tools, announced today general availability of GrammarKit 2, a new component library that enables applications to compile and persist speech recognition grammars.

Now developers have the ability to quickly and easily compile grammars and deploy grammar binary with their speech recognition applications. GrammarKit 2 provides a common application interface for compiling and persisting IBM SRCL (IBM ViaVoice), Microsoft SAPI 4 Grammar Text File, SAPI 5 XML Grammar, and Nuance BNF+ (VoCon 3200) grammar syntax.

"The days of applications with a static user interfaces and data capture forms are numbered," said John Earle, president and founder of Chant Inc. "Applications must adapt to constantly changing business rules and requirements. Speech-enabled interfaces must do the same."

New key features and capabilities provided by GrammarKit 2 include:

  • Compile grammar source from buffer, file, resource, stream, and string formats.
  • Persist compiled grammar binary to buffer, file, and stream formats.
  • Generate pronunciation phonemes for SAPI 4 and SAPI 5 recognizers.
  • Dynamically switch among grammar compilers and syntax formats.

US Pricing and Availability

GrammarKit 2 can be ordered today. GrammarKit 2 Win32 Developer Edition pricing is $199. GrammarKit 2 Win32 Deployment Edition pricing is $199. For more information about features and pricing, visit

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