Chant Developer News

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered
New code signing certificates and updated Speech SDKs across Developer Workbench.

Sound as Good as You Look
Tailor Azure Speech pronunciations with LexiconKit.

Apps Decide if Potty Mouth is OK
Apps can optionally censor recognized speech with profanity option.

Get Your Head in the Clouds
Apps can easily recognize and synthesize with Azure Speech.

Emulate Speech Recognition and Put Grammars to the Test
Validate speech recognition grammars by testing with text instead of audio.

It is a Matter of Semantics
Microsoft Speech Semantic Interpretation Markup gives you unbounded power.

Microsoft Resolves Speech Recognition Outage (Sort of)
WindowsMedia continuous speech recognition stops working in apps briefly.

Apps a Snap with Refactored Classes
Updated classes and platform defaults simplify and unclutter app code.

Nuance Dragon Naturally 16 makes its debut at 26
Veteran speech recognition system expands to support Windows 11 features.

Cross Platform and Native Apps that Talk and Listen
Chant Developer Workbench 2023 supports cross platform and native apps with common code and frameworks.

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