RIP Java 20, Viva Java 21

November 15, 2023

Java 20 was short-lived but Java 21 is an LTS release

Java 20's time in the sun was limited to less than six months before the recent Java 21 was released with (LTS) long term support. LTS means Oracle commits to an extended period of security updates and fixes. This is good for planning application development cycles and deployments.

Good news for us is that adding Java 21 to our build server was uneventful and all new product jars for Java 21 are available in the latest Chant Developer Workbench installer. See Knowledge Base article H032317 for developing and testing with Java 21.

Want to migrate apps to or from Java? We have experience with that. Java has many language commonalities with other programming languages yet there are many gotchas in syntax, library references, and platform requirements. Let us know if this is something with which you would like assistance.

Let us know if you would like to know more, if you need assistance, or have questions.