RAD Studio 12 is Easy-Peasy

November 12, 2023

Latest C++Builder and Delphi releases in RAD Studio 12 are easy to adopt

There is always that desire for new features, fixes to old problems, and compatibility—not having to make any code changes. Well, so far the latest C++Builder and Delphi 12 releases are delivering on that. In addition to all the shiny new things, nits and nags have been addressed to make development and testing as push-button as possible.

Are there still things on the wish list? You bet and it continues to grow—which is a good problem. There is plenty packed into these releases though to fuel application development until the next series of updates.

Our job was easy since no changes are required of our C++Builder and Delphi libraries. All you need to do is build with the new RAD Studio 12 releases. We did get questions about why our SpeechKit samples illustrate different Speech APIs for the FireMonkey and VCL applications samples and what differences are there. Plot spoiler: there are none. Our class libraries do not know the difference between or presence of these application frameworks. See Knowledge Base article H032316 for Working with FireMonkey and VCL Application Frameworks.

Let us know if you would like to know more, if you need assistance, or have questions.