SSML Easier for 466 Voices in 149 Languages

November 7, 2023

VoiceMarkupKit IntelliPrompt simplifies generating and editing Azure Speech SSML

Less than two months ago, VoiceMarkupKit added support for Microsoft Azure Speech SSML documents. With the full power of IntelliPrompt assisted editing, the SSML practically types itself—a real productivity boost. See Knowledge Base article H032313 for details.

Working in a single language and with a few voices, the options become familiar and the SSML is predictable. However, Azure Speech supports 466 voices in 149 languages. If the app is a global app, then language- and voice- specific SSML is recommended. Not all SSML features are supported by every voice in every language. VoiceMarkupKit IntelliPrompt has been updated to address this.

Some attributes are available for specific languages and voices. Some are available depending on the value of other attributes. See how VoiceMarkupKit IntelliPrompt handles this automatically in Knowledge Base article H032315.

Let us know if you would like to know more, if you need assistance, or have questions.